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In addition to featuring individual artists, we are proud to also curate and promote group and theme exhibitions. A recurring gallery focus is senior art and interests, intergenerational projects and a professional, public venue for those whose art would not ordinarily be shared. Representative exhibits include:

Annual Juried Exhibition
Yearly competition showcasing the best of what San Diego County artists are currently creating. Features a wide variety of mediums such as painting, sculpture, mixed media, fiber art, photography, ceramics, basketry, mosaic, etc. This competitive exhibit is highly anticipated by artists as well as the community at large.

The Six-Word Story-2016
The legend of “The Six-Word Story” claims Ernest Hemingway, while lunching with friends, made a bet he could craft a whole story in six words. He won that bet when he wrote, “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” Our exhibit celebrated storytelling through photography accompanied by each artist’s six-word story.

When TERI met Sophie-2015
Inspiring us through their soulful art, individuals with intellectual disabilities, working solo and in collaboration created paintings, mosaic, collage, cards, pottery, glass, weavings and jewelry. In cooperation with TERI, Inc. and Sophie’s Gallery, two San Diego programs with amazing arts programming for adults with intellectual disabilities.

TURN, TURN, TURN: A Season Of Senior Art
This annual exhibit features the work of senior artists from Front Porch communities, local senior centers and other senior artists of all levels of artistic experience and abilities. A variety of creativity is expressed through painting, sculpture, needle work, and more.

PERSPECTIVES: The Berlin Wall—2014
A commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall reflecting, through art, upon an enduring moment of the 20th century. An exhibit born of a tragic history, uplifts and illuminates a peak in humanity. This exhibit showcases mixed media, photography and sculpture–including actual pieces of the wall–from international artists currently residing in San Diego and Los Angeles.

SPIRAL BOUND: The Spiritual Journey of Aging—2012
In celebration of our 10th anniversary, this exhibit features art exploring the physical, mental and spiritual issues of aging. Artists from across the country contributed works in a variety of genres.

Art of the Book—2011
This national exhibition features acclaimed work from invited artists featuring stories painted on fiber and metal, sculptural books, books with intricate woven covers, and more. A celebration of the time-honored art of bookmaking combining non-traditional art with the crafts of paper-making, letterpress printing and bookbinding.

TRANSITIONS: Interpreting Life’s Changes—2011
An exploration of the power and transformative beauty of the art of printmaking through the creative interpretations of the San Diego and North County printmakers. Artists explore the ever-changing essence of the human experience through mediums like monotypes, lithography, aquatint and collagraph.

I AM HERE: Art Gives Voice to Many—2010
A celebration of the vibrant creative visions embodied in artwork from TERI, Inc. (Training, Education & Research Institute), a private non-profit agency serving the needs of adults and children with autism and other developmental disabilities. Individual and collaborative works in painting, sculpture and mixed media.

A SHOW OF PATRIOTISM: The Art of Healing Heroes—2010
A uniquely caring and effective art therapy program developed by Joel Harris for soldiers returning from combat and others such as stroke victims, those with disabling brain trauma or amputational limb injuries. Drawings and artwork created depict war as well as a hopeful vision for the future.

ART OF THE INDIVIDUAL: Creating Meaningful Lives—2008
An exhibit presenting the works of McNeil, Sargent, Ruth Platner and Dorothy Annette, three diverse and distinguished women who have expressed the inspiration of their lives through art and work with the public at large.

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